ECHT (pronounced "ESHT") Coffeehouse and Bistro, is a Black-owned 4th wave coffeehouse, microdistillery and bistro, bringing premium single-origin coffee, teas and locally-sourced food offerings to Mt. Oliver Borough. ECHT Coffeehouse and Bistro is the brain-child of owners James Tyler (retired UPMC Critical Care, BSN) and husband, Dr. Jorg Gerlach (University of Pittsburgh medical research investigator). After the pair visited a coffeehouses in Berlin, Germany, Tyler wanted to bring the experience of European-style coffeehouses back home to America with his own touch. For both Tyler and Gerlach ECHT is a love letter to Mt. Oliver Borough and the City of Pittsburgh. Visiting ECHT Coffeehouse, patrons will see, taste and experience Tyler’s vision by way of ECHT’s food menu, interior design details and coffee offerings.

"Echt" - a German word meaning "substantial; authentic; genuine", is the standard by which ECHT Coffeehouse operates. ECHT Coffeehouse currently roasts and serves coffee from the Sidama and Yirgacheffe regions of Ethiopia; the bedrock and origin of coffee. ECHT Coffeehouse’s fluid-bed roaster, Mavam espresso machine, and Fetco extractor, are some of the centerpieces of their espresso and coffee making. Tyler and ECHT have rotating offerings like the special con panna (espresso, cacao powder, confectioners sugar, dried spices and botanicals and house-made whipped cream) and the espresso romano, help the single-origin beans shine.

The food offerings of ECHT Coffeehouse and Bistro are done in partnership between owner and epicure Tyler and Chef Tevin James. ECHT serves dishes derived from Tyler’s world travels and life experiences and the talents of Chef James’ flavor, plating and textural . With emphasis on seasonality and local-sourcing, dishes like the braised greens and grits (with optional bacon lardons and cashew creme) and savory phyllo crinkle (egg, mushroom, cheese and thyme) showcase ECHT Coffeehouse’s dedication to quality and delicious comfort foods.

ECHT Coffeehouse is part of ECHT Project; a conceptualized hub and confluence of artists, artisans and craftsmen. ECHT Coffeehouse’s interior and exterior metal work were completed on-the-spot by ECHT metalsmiths. As ECHT Coffeehouse continues to bloom, so will the August 2023 opening of ECHT Coffeehouse’s lower-level on-site microdistillery, tasting room and its private dining experience.


James Tyler (left) & Dr. Jörg Gerlach (right)